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Synova Unveils Automatic System That Cuts & Shapes Diamonds In Single Process

Synova recently unveiled its latest product, the DaVinci System that substantially decreases diamond production time by combining several manufacturing processes into one machine, reducing the process to one final step.

The company said that the new technology cuts and shapes a round brilliant diamond with 57-facets from rough in one fully automated process.

The DaVinci system is Synova’s DCS 50, a well-established laser machine based on the advanced Laser MicroJetÒ technology. The 5-axis CNC machine integrates Synova’s patented breakthrough detection that recognizes when a cut is finished and automatically initiates facet changing.

Dr. Bernold Richerzhagen, Synova Founder and CEO said, “DaVinci is the first automated laser full faceting solution for round brilliants on the market. It will revolutionize the diamond manufacturing industry because the system covers virtually the complete Rough-to-Polish process. Several costs, skill and labor-intensive steps in the polishing phase such as crown and pavilion blocking, girdle bruting or recurrent quality checks become redundant.”

This will enable customers to gain a higher and more predictable polished yield through greater accuracies and improved stone symmetries. Unlike when polishing, customers also see the additional value by reusing diamond chips that are cut off from rough stones during laser cutting.

Synova owns all patents of the DaVinci solution and related brands.

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